Floods hits interior northern Sarawak

It has been raining non-stop since last night.

MIRI: Incessant rain since Thursday (July 25) night saw floods inundating the Long Lenei riverine settlement and a school in interior northern Sarawak.

SK Long Lenei, with about 100 students, teachers and boarders, was under about 0.6m of water on Friday (July 26) morning.

The Sarawak Disaster Relief Committee said the situation is expected to worsen.

“It has been raining non-stop since last night.

“The flood level is expected to rise further, ” said the committee secretary Major Ismail Mahedin.

The secretariat has deployed personnel to the flood-hit sites.

The students, boarders and staffs have not been evacuated as yet.

They are gathering in a hall while awaiting help.

Meanwhile, the Long Lenei settlement has also been hit by rising floodwaters.

The place is located in the Baram district at least six hours by timber road from Miri.